Jan 7, 2015

January Cure Assignment #4: Cleaning up the Pantry

I didn't think I would get this assignment for the January Cure done yesterday, but I ended up deciding to take 30 minutes and see what I could get tidied in our big pantry closet. And much to my surprise, I made tons of progress and can find things in the pantry much easier than before. I didn't take a before picture but I'm sure you can use your imagination to picture lots of messiness!

I added a few more plastic baskets to the space to hold onions and potatoes and to better organize tea towels and cloth napkins. I also added in the tiny white shelf to hold small things like garlic.
Overall, I'm pleased that this assignment got me to tackle this messy spot on our kitchen. 

What do you think? Any suggestions to make my pantry more functional?


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