May 2, 2013

Making Memories: New Sewing Machine

Source: via Gillian on Pinterest

I've talked a lot lately about my grandma being ill, and part of that has resulted in the sale of her house and liquidation of some of her assets. Not to get into too many details here, but this ended up meaning that some money came my way, and I was stuck for awhile trying to decide what to do with it. There's the obvious action of paying off some bills, but I wanted to have something that I could hold, something that I could use to make me thing of her every time I used it.

Maybe I have a bad memory, maybe I need something to hold, like the locket of hers I've put on every time I miss her or feel upset that she's sick. Maybe I just like the idea of something tangible to remind me of her every time I use it. Maybe I'm just one of those people who don't like getting money even as gifts, and always want to DO something with it. Or maybe I just needed an excuse to buy a new sewing machine since mine is older than me and barely chugging along anymore.

So that's what I did - meet my new co-creator, Bernina 330:

I'm hoping to master more than the art of threading this fancy machine (I literally had to watch a video to even do that much, which made me feel pretty technically challenged)  in the weeks to come, and do some creative sewing. Best of all, every time I thread it,  I know I'll be thinking of good memories of my grandma, which will make sewing an even happier occasion than it usually is.

♥ Craftzilla


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