Jan 1, 2013

Reflections on 2012

I've been enjoying my time off from work, school and everything in the last week or so, but I did want to pop in briefly to reflect a bit on 2012 and what I'm looking forward to in 2013.

My word for 2012 was "balance" and while I'm not sure I quite achieved it this year (and especially not at the end of the year--I was definitely running ragged) it was a useful exercise to have thoughts of balance in mind in my decisions, actions and every day living.

This was a busy year with school, starting a new job, moving to a new apartment and crafting in the spare moments. I'm hoping that this year brings with it all good things and some more moments of peace and contentment than this last year held. I have some goals and challenges for myself in mind which I'll be sharing with you soon, as well as hopefully having more time to check in here on the blog this year.

What are your resolutions for this year?

♥ Craftzilla


  1. I dont really make resolutions but goals... I dont plan much I just have a lot of ideas. My goals are to knit more, crochet more, craft with my little one, read more, blog more, go on dates with my husband, and just be present and live simply. Less is more sometimes. Love the snippets of your year... i failed to do that... see I dont plan.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway !

    1. Yeah I think that's a good way to put it...goals are probably more how my resolutions are going to turn out. I also have crafting and blogging more in there somewhere, since both are good for sanity! I definetely feel like I planned the end of year last year a bit better, but I didn't take as many pictures or blog as much this past year it seems to make a bigger wrap up realistic. Ah well :)

      Crossing my fingers for your giveaway for sure!

  2. Craft more. Geek more. Live more (adventurously). Stress LESS! That's what I'm planning on doing in 2013.

    It seems like I lost so much time stressing last year about this & that, so I hope I can make it up to myself this year. Doing the things I love & enjoy, plus a little challenge here & there with living more. I've been such a homebody, it's time to get out a bit & maybe find a new friend or two that I share fun moments with.

    1. Those are all good goals for sure! I think you just have to let that geek flag fly and definitely stress less this year. And I hear you on the getting out of the house a bit--I have definitely been guilty of some intense homebodying this year and probably need to get out a bit more myself! Again, too bad we live so far away from each other :(

  3. Hey Gillian!
    I got your parcel today, thank you so much! There are so many crafty goodies, and the blocks are so sweet! Thanks again!
    As for the new year, I am hoping to save some $ and personalize our apartment more to make it ours. I need to resolve to spend less on clothes and craft supplies, lol.

    1. Yay! Glad it got there OK & glad you enjoy it! I do have fun putting these kind of packages together :)

      Yeah that's a good one....I think personalizing and organizing my apartment is definitely on my list as well. I know for me, clutter and chaos is really affecting my productivity for everything. And I think I must be on a permanent "no craft supplies" ban at this point, though the last year didn't make much of a difference in the stash yet :P


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