Jan 23, 2013

My Not So Bucket List

Following in the footsteps of my not so completed 30 before 30 list and in the footsteps of my awesome friend Dan, I decided to start my own "Not so Bucket list" where I list some of my dreams, goals and things I'd like to do. I'll be updating this page as I go, including updating it with links to any posts I do about progress, and put in some estimated dates I'd like to get things done. I think that seeing it all in black and white can be really inspiring for me, especially on those days where life feels boring and grey and you need some ideas of how to make things a bit more exciting or to remember the dreams you've had in happier times.

So far, I've broken things down into a few important categories and will definitely be posting about this and adding more items as I think of them. Here's the starting point for my list, which also lives on  my Not so Bucket List page.


1. Create a business plan
2. Register my business
3. Sell 50 items in my Etsy shop

4.  Create a knitting pattern for the shop
5. Create a sewing pattern for the shop
6. Create a cross stitch pattern for the shop
7.  Have 100 items listed in the shop


1. Get a passport
2. Go somewhere (more later)


1. Pay off my credit card balance
2. Pay off my student loan
3. Save up for a new couch


1. Get my Drivers license- G1 and  G2
2.  Finish my Bachelor of Social Work degree
3.  Read 10 more books in 2013 from the BBC Big Reads List (progress here)

Have a look at my goals so far, and let me know what you think! If you've made a similar list, definitely leave me a link in the comments, since I need some more inspiration!

♥ Craftzilla


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