Jan 14, 2013

January Cure: Week 2 Progress

I've been following along with the January Cure on the Apartment Therapy  blog this month, in order to help me get my space in shape for the new year. Check out my progress so far here

Day 4: Getting a New Perspective 

Day 4's post, is about getting a fresh perspective on your space. I picked my living room and sat on the floor to try to change up my perspective a bit. 

Thoughts:  My perspective was mostly that when we first moved in, there was a feeling of more openness in the living room that hasn't been there in awhile due to all the stuff in the room. Sitting on the floor also showed me how bare the walls are. It's definitely time to get some more pictures up on the walls! 

Day 5: Tackle a Project 

The challenge for Day 5  is to pick a project from my giant list of projects that I'll actually get done this month. The project I've picked is to de-clutter and organize my crafting/ desk area, which includes my desk and the bookcase of supplies next to it. Here's my shameful before picture: 

My basic goals for this project are to sort through my supplies, organize the stuff that's in the mountain of bags underneath the desk and make the space more fun, inspirational and functional.

Day 6: Choose a Piece of Art to Frame

I'm ahead of the game on the challenge to frame some art,  as I recently framed a few prints I won in a giveaway from the After Nine Five shop and am thinking of the perfect spot to hang them up in my apartment. 

Day 7: Plan a Party 

The next challenge is to plan a party for the week of Feb 1st to 3rd. I've had very few people over to this apartment due to the lack of space and disorganization.  As I clean more and more though, I'm excited to have some people over! For my challenge, I'm hoping to have our neighbours over for a visit, since they were kind enough to invite us over to their place last week for some pizza and drinks. I'm making up some little invites to drop in their mailboxes once we figure out exactly which date will work best.

Day 8: Kitchen Cleaning and Cooking a Good Meal 

This weekend's challenge was to clean and de-clutter the whole kitchen as well as cook a tasty meal. I got most of this done, including conquering my towering dishes mountain, organizing all the cabinets and shelves in the kitchen and hanging a few pictures. I still have a few more things to do (clean the fridge, wash the floor and find a home for a box of random china I found while cleaning) but overall I LOVE how tidy and clean everything is at the moment, and I hope to keep it that way!   I'll share some pictures in the next few days. 

In terms of tasty food,  on Saturday night we made some tasty sweet potato and sausage chili (this is basically the recipe, but we use more sausages) and had Zen's sister over for a tasty meal. She  brought us some banana bread she'd baked, which we ate heated up with some ice cream on top for dessert. It was the tastiest meal I've had in a while.

Overall, a very successful week! I'm starting to feel proud of all the organizing I've accomplished and a bit more at home in my apartment, instead of just stressed out from all the disorder. The pictures I've put up on the walls so far are really cheering me up and keeping the January blahs at bay!

♥ Craftzilla 


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