Nov 30, 2012

Day 30: Three wonderful things that happened this month

source: Needle and Nest
It's been a long and difficult month, as most Novembers are with the demands of work and school, as well as trying to hold onto some sanity. But hey, I only have a few more assignments left to finish up, and my semester is done. It's even looking like I may get some time off in December which will be nice. So it seems fitting to focus on the positives of the month with the thought of a few good things.

1) I found out I won the lovely Mel's giveaway over at Needle and Nest today ! I'm excitedly looking to my mailbox for this awesome giveaway package. Thanks Mel!

1) I got a brand spanking new and warm winter coat that I'm excited to wear. I'm not sure how I made it through over 5 years of dog ownership without a more serious-business-past-my-knees-super warm down coat, but I can already tell that I won't be living without one again. This is the one I got, although it has nicer looking brown fur on the hood.

3) I actually accomplished my goal of getting all 30 of these awesome posts done! Since this was a very busy month, it was so helpful to have a prompt to think about and to plan for. While I didn't blog every day, I am happy that I met my goal, and hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about yours truly. Thanks for the fun month Desiree!

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  1. Great news! I've been so sick I haven't caught up with my blog reading yet but I am happy to hear things are going well on your end!

    1. Thanks Kate! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better!!


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