Nov 24, 2012

Day 20: What I love about my job

I've had a lot of jobs in my day, but I've definitely had a lot of them in the past few years as I transitioned to going back to school and moving to a different city. My main type of job over the last few years has been testing software and websites, which was a totally random occurrence really, given my English/Women's studies degree. This type of job can be fun, as it's all about trying to break websites and suggest ways to make them better. I get to hang out with some fun people at this job, which is a nice change. I'm also still a student, and doing a placement in a non profit, which can be interesting and challenging, although I am getting to do some community building that I haven't really done before. The student part is also another job to add to the pile, giving me a chance to learn more about social work and theory and a chance to exercise those paper writing brain muscles. Add in my Etsy business, and I guess you could call me a person with way too many jobs. The thing is though, that each of them play to my specific skills and strengths in some way, and hopefully helping me to figure out what my dream job is. For now, I'm happy with being able to work with people in some of my jobs, craft in others, and use technology in others, all of which are good things in my book.Overall, I love all of my jobs for allowing bits of myself and my skills to shine, for being good learning or earning experiences and for teaching me what's important to me in my jobs to come.

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