Oct 8, 2012

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

It's been one of those months so far--my laptop completely died on Sunday night in the middle of an assignment a few weeks back, Zen and I were really sick last week, and we've been in that constant state of being pretty much out of food and clean clothes at home. School and work and placement stuff has been busy and stressful, and things won't be easing up any time soon.  But focusing on the negative really never gets me anywhere in terms of feeling better about things, so I decided to try to find a few things to be grateful about today, on the most appropriate of days, Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful I have a  roof over my head and an apartment I like

I'm happy I have the love of a sweet guy and adorable puppy dog

I'm thankful for this chance I have to change careers and do something more meaningful in my work, even if the going is sometimes tough

I'm so glad for the community of friends I've met via this blog and Twitter, for always listening to my problems and lending a helping hand

I'm thankful for the lend of a computer while I figure out buying a new laptop

I'm thankful for the ability to make things with my hands again -those days where I was really struggling with repetitive strain last year were very hard. Creating things keeps me sane.

I'm happy for the hours I have at my  job, since my wages are helping me to follow my dreams.

I'm thankful for the lovely cool weather and gorgeous colours of fall, and for the cozy sweaters and blankies that will keep me warm throughout the chilly days

I'm thankful for giant cups of steaming hot tea

I'm thankful for visits from friends --there have been a lot of those lately, which has been lovely

I'm thankful for the heap of leftover turducken that's sitting in the fridge --we had a lovely Thanksgiving meal that will keep on going all week!

What are you thankful for today?

♥ Craftzilla 


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