Sep 12, 2012

Work in Progress: Knitted Loop Scarf


Lately, I've been working on some knit designs for a local shop, so have been getting to work with pure wool which is quite a treat! Currently I'm working on some loop scarves, and I really love how this maroon one is turning out--the texture and bulk of the scarf is to die for (in my opinion) with the seed stitch I'm using. I might need to make one for myself afterwards to cozy up in!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. I'm definitely in love with the bulky yarn & seed stitch too! Might have to make one for myself before the cold weather gets here (luckily I have a little while).

    1. I know, me just gives it such good texture and will be sooo warm!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks lady! I think it's turning out well so far!


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