Sep 18, 2012

Finding time for Originality and Creativity

Finding inspiration as well as that spark of an idea that you can make your own has always been a struggle, but in the age of the internet and inspiration machines like Pinterest or even just reading the other blogs of crafts and knitting and cooking, I find it's become even harder to become inspired in a way that's uniquely your own. Personally, I find I can get too caught up in seeing what everyone else is up to and what has been done, rather than focusing on creating things and allowing myself that creative space to stumble upon a new idea or a new twist on an old idea that's purely me.

I've been feeling a lot lately like I don't have any good or unique ideas and that everything is being done better by someone else. I've thought about crafting and making many times over the last few months and I've done some, but mostly I'm just finishing up long started projects or making things that I've made before, that are easy and safe. I've been sort of stuck in getting back my creative mojo, and I think what's in the way is that I'm just not making enough uninterrupted time to just do. So I think that how I have less time for crafting fun during the school year, I need to limit the time I peruse other people's work and actually put aside more dedicated time to playing around with materials from my stash, to letting go of the need to have a set idea in mind when I start out, and to just let myself create and go my own way with things, as well as to be flexible with crafting on the go. The best things I've made have come out of needs I've found around me for something more functional or beautiful or cozy, or out of that desire to use up a scrap piece of fabric, an interesting piece of junk or a bit of leftover wool. 

So with all of this in mind, here are a few crafty goals of mine for the coming months:

* Make it a point to carry a smaller craft with me when I'm travelling for my placement and school-- knitting, cross stitch, it's all good
* Set aside a least a few hours a week to be creative - actually get myself to knit night, spend a little bit of time looking through some craft items while I'm watching a movie
* Make sure to start carrying my inspiration/ blogging notebook around with me again --I always think of my best ideas when I'm out, and I never have a pen or paper. This should also help with some Christmas list planning that I'm behind on...

I'm hoping these small goals will help me to feel more inspired and creative, since that was a big thing I struggled with last year during school. I'll be sure to share some progress on my journey back into regular crafting!

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♥ Craftzilla 


  1. What a wonderfully truthful post! I also suffer from spurts of creativity loss and usually find a good trip to the craft store helps me (but not always). I love the idea of carrying crafts with you and especially support the note pad! Best wishes! Let me know how it turns out!

    1. Thanks lady --ooh yes, craft store is also helpful, but the craft space & the wallet can't handle much of that of late :P So I'm hoping trucking some crafts about and the notebook really do the trick. Otherwise, back to the drawing board!


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