Sep 10, 2012

Back to School and Saying Goodbye to Summer


Today is my first day of my field placement for my degree, as well as my first day of class. I'll be doing my placement 2 days a week, working 3 days a week at my job, as well as taking a night class and an online class for my placement, so I'm expecting a lot of long days and busy weeks to come, especially since I'll be back to commuting out of town two days a week again. I have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks trying to get our apartment fully organized, and working out some schedules for meals and chores, since Zen will also be attending university at the same school as me, and will be doing his own commuting and classes. so both of us will be crazy busy in the months to come.

So overall, I'm trying not to freak out, trying to schedule in some time to do all the things I have to do, as well as some more downtime than I managed last school year, as I was definitely starting to crack a little bit under the pressure of everything going on. However, I guess I just have to focus on the positive bits: I have a steady job now, so there's less worry about finances as long as I keep to a budget and plan ahead well for things like meals, I'll have enough to pay for my courses and get through this placement, and come out on the other side with some more knowledge in my head and more experience under my belt, that can lead to eventually working in another field.

I am also trying to be more organized about blogging, so I don't neglect you lovely friends as much as I did last year, and ensure that I keep my aura of craftiness and sanity intact throughout school. I already have some posts and photos taken for some posts for next week, and have set up a new blogging notebook to keep track of my ideas, posts and to do lists. I'm also still really pleased with my blogging update, and have a rough schedule in my head of how many times a week I can reasonably post given my workload and other things going on. I also made the decision to stop sponsorship other by swapping/displaying ads from a few of my bloggy firends, as I honestly lack the time to dedicate to sponsorship, and it's not always the part of this blog that I love the most. I do want to incorporate a few interviews and shout outs to bloggers and shops I enjoy though, so I'm putting on my thinking cap of how to do that in a way that works well for me and is an interesting read.

Overall though, I'm sad to see the end of summer, which has been filled with lots of time to putter, to hang out with the boy and the pup, to meet up with friends randomly and go on adventures that end in ice cream and walks by the river and meals and laughter and good times. I'm worried a bit that things will be as lonely and over-filled as they were last year, and that all of this work and effort will begin to seem not worth it again. However, I guess all I can do is really focus on the positives of the summer, stay organized and on top of things, hope for the best and trust that this year is a new year with no mistakes in it yet. (Case in point of super nerdery: I think I just quoted a line from the Anne of Green Gables series  in that last bit which has been one of my re-reads over the summer) I also need to hope that I can manage a bit more in the way of balance this year in order to stay happy and focused and getting things done.

Any tips for keeping life balanced in the middle of work, school and life? I'd love to hear them!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. I'm not going back to school but my mister is, so we've been trying to get a little more organized & make sure we have some quality time together. It's tough when his work schedule is different each week, but we are making it work as best we can.

    Here's my biggest tip: know when the non-priority to do list can be ignored for a bit. Sometimes we just keep adding to our to do lists & forget to spend some time on self-care & quality time. If you realize when something isn't urgent & need a teensy break, take it! It will save your sanity.

    1. This is definitely good advice lady! And yeah, it's hard enough with one person being in school, never mind both of us, so I think we're definitely going to have some issues getting time to hang out and unwind. We're trying to save Friday nights for date night, but I think we'll be lucky if we don't just fall asleep :P But yes, I would like to preserve my sanity as much as possible, for sure!

  2. Yay for A of GG! I think in the original quote it's "Every day is a new day, with no mistakes in it!", but it certainly works for years too! We're going through the same start-of-school crunch, and it's not easy... but keep bloggina bout how it goes, because there's strength in numbers, and I bet most people are struggling to balance work and life too! :)

    1. Glad there are more A of GG nerds out there :P Yeah, I can imagine you're busy too! And you have a new class/ job this year too, right? I'll definitely keep up blogging about it all, sometimes its the only way to keep my sanity!


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