Aug 2, 2012

The Search for Simplicity

Simplicity seems to be eluding me lately. Ever since the move, some things have felt really difficult.

Finding space to do things. Finding the right state of mind to organize, purge and sort all of our (many) belongings to make this space work for us. Finding the energy to tackle necessary things like bills or cleaning or arranging things for the coming school year. Getting out and doing things while the weather is nice and I have a bit of time off to enjoy summer and the nice weather. Keeping in touch with people and catching up.

I guess part of this is due mostly to the fact that things in our apartment are still in such disarray that nothing IS simple. Yesterday I  just wanted to sit outside on my picnic blanket, and I had to move about 10 things to get the picnic blanket out of the closet. I know unpacking and organizing is a process, but it's definitely making me frustrated and lacking motivation to do anything about it, as the tasks piling up are just so daunting.

But taking some time like that yesterday,  to sit outside on a picnic blanket in the sunshine with a lovely friend, to snack on cookies and make friendship bracelets like we were kids again, was totally worth the effort though, and I definitely felt a bit more recharged and ready to break down some of the more difficult things into more simple tasks that I think I can actually handle. I even brainstormed a bunch of fun new projects I want to work on, for the first time in ages. So all in all, a successful day spent out in the sun!

What do you do to recharge and simplify when things get daunting?

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  1. I totally know how you feel! My house is in desperate need of some simplicity but finding the time is another story...

    1. Yeah seriously...the amount of time needed to simplify things is definitely not easy to find! I think I just need some cleaning show to come on in and take care of things :P


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