May 28, 2012

5 Things I'm working on that are keeping me from Blogging Lately

Have you ever had one of those months where everything went crazy and you couldn't really sleep for all of the things happening in your head and on your to do list? Well that's sort of how this month has been going for me-and I thought I'd share some of the things that are keeping me busy.

1. Picnic blankets - I have orders backed up for  these in my Etsy shop, as it gets warmer and everyone starts thinking about tasty summer picnics. I'm working on some fun custom orders too, and will soon have some new colours available! Good thing I trekked out to the fabric store on the weekend and restocked my supplies- I feel less badly about buying like 40 metres of fabric now!

2. School - I forgot how hard it is to make your brain work during the summer, even if I'm only taking just one course. I'm also working on a soon to be announced and crafty related event for a project for this class that I need to pull off in the next month, as well as setting up and arranging important things like my practicum placement for September. I'm pleased to announce my interview went well and I got the placement I wanted - yay!

3. Work - there's a big, scary, deadlined project going on at work. I was lucky to get one day off this week and it won't be getting better in the next few days. I'm also trying to finish up the work for a research project I've been working on since last year, which is proving to be taking longer than I thought it would.

4. Planning to move! We were vaguely looking around for apartments, and found one we loved a lot and took it. The unfortunate part is that we have to find someone to take our apartment, so there's been a lot of cleaning and apartment showing going on. But it will be worth it to move to a quieter area of town, to a place that has more character (hello claw foot tub!) and even has a garden! I'm excitedly thinking about starting some seeds soon, even though it's a little bit late in the game. I also need to get rid of SO MUCH STUFF. I AM SCARED,

5. Trying to relax: With all this other stuff happening, let's face it- I need some time to relax, and while blogging is fun, sometimes it's also a lot of work to think up an idea and take some photos and make things all clever-like, and sometimes all I really want to do is eat dinner in my pajamas while watching an episode of the X-files. You all know what I'm talking about :P

♥ Craftzilla 

PS. check out the giveaway post to see who won the Retro Fabric tote bag!

P.P.S My photo is featured on the Canada Arts Connect site today! 


  1. Those picnic blankets are so cool! Great idea and no wonder you've been away with all that stuff going on!

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, feeling a little busy right now, but not too much longer of the craziness left, hopefully!

  2. glad to hear you're getting sales! i'll hold off on my own request so you've got time to catch up. and also so i can save money. haha.

    i hear you about the pjs... i spend most evenings watching buffy with my friend danielle. we got through three seasons of buffy and 4 episodes from S4 and 5 episodes of angel... that's a whole lotta tv! hehe.

    1. Zen and I watched all of Buffy & Angel & the X Files in the last few months --so I hear you! It's a nice thing to do and hang out:)


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