Apr 28, 2012

Friday Fancies on a Saturday

Well apparently I forgot to just hit publish on this last night, since we were running around preparing for a friend to visit us today--we have epic brunch and indoor picnicking planned, as well as some wine drinking and 30 Rock watching --what could be better? Enjoy and happy weekend!

This idea of sorted book poetry is right in line with the goals of Poetry month!

This is the most gorgeous drawer makeover ever! I want to store all the office supplies in here!

I love this idea of Little Free library that Kayla posted about --such a great idea

I keep looking at this Cinnamon Swirl bread recipe and wanting to make it

I don't even have a bike anymore, but I love this bike bag pattern and might have to tune in for crafternoon on Sunday!

I got a pair of these socks for helping out a fashion show for a store I'm working with, and they are amazing knee socks! And made with wind power --pretty neat, right?

I'm on the hunt to find somewhere on the internets to watch the Etsy episode of the Martha Stewart show 

I love Jessica's fun graduation photos -congrats lady!

A local etsy person makes these lovely rustic wedding cake and cupcake stands- love them!

That's what she said cross-stitched? Yes please.

♥ Craftzilla


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