Apr 3, 2012

Belly Dancing Fun Times

Last night at Brownies, we had a belly dancing teacher that we'd seen at a previous Brownie camp come in to give the girls a belly dancing lesson, and to talk about the charity that she raises money for, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, an organization which helps to secure human rights, such as going to school, for women and girls in Afghanistan. So far, Anne has raised over $10,000 doing similar events for groups, birthday parties and mother daughter events like the one we had last night, particularly to help send girls to school.


She gave a lot of history about CW4WA, gave some history on some of the outfits, and then let the girls and mothers (and us leaders) pick out some fancy scarves, coin belts and fancy jewellery to wear before she taught us some fun belly dancing moves. 



We all had a blast, picking out fancy things to wear, jingling about and dancing around until we were tired and sweaty. I didn't grab a picture of myself this time (I'll post one when someone sends me one), but I managed to grab a giant green scarf, a fun necklace, some finger cymbals and a plastic birthday crown and was pretty as a picture, if I do say so myself. 


Although, no one got a better costume than one of the other leaders, Lo--ain't she pretty? 


Here's my picture from the last time we belly danced though-- I might have let a bunch of kids dress me in red lace harem pants (shh, don't tell!)


♥ Craftzilla


  1. That sounds like great edutainment!! Love your picture and can't wait to see the new one from this most recent event!

    1. Thanks Jordy! It was pretty fun and edutaining :) I'll make sure to track down one of the new pics so you can see my fancy outfit :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kate! It was super fun, and the teacher had some lovely things:)


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