Jan 24, 2012

Spicy Black Bean and Tomato Soup

I love soup, especially in colder weather, and this black bean soup is hearty, tasty and easy to make!


4 cloves garlic
2 jalapeno peppers, chopped (leave the seeds or add another pepper for a spicier soup)
2 onions
4 stalks celery, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
3 Tablespoons oil
3 vegetable stock cubes, crumbled
10 cups of water (to start)
3 bay leaves
2 cans diced or crushed tomatoes
1 bag of dried black beans, soaked overnight (You can also use 2 -3 tins of black beans)

Add the garlic, onions, celery and carrots into a big pot ( I used a 10L pot) with the oil. Saute lightly in the bottom of the pot until the onions and garlic start getting soft. Add the stock cubes, water, bay leaves, tomatoes and beans.

Simmer on medium heat for 3 to 4 hours, stirring every once in awhile and adding water every half hour or hour to keep the water level consistent and saturate the beans. {Note: If you're using tinned black beans, be sure to drain and wash them. You also won't have to cook the soup for as long or continuously add as much water.]

When the soup is done, you can either eat it as is, as blend it up using an immersion blender or a regular blender. It also tastes great served with cornbread or fresh bread!

Makes about 7 litres of soup.

♥ Craftzilla 


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