Jan 31, 2012

Knitting Admissions, and a Giveaway winner!

I'm going to make a knitting admission to you that I feel a bit silly about.
I thought I knew how to read a knitting chart, but guess what?

I didn't have a clue!

Usually I get around using charts by just using the written instructions, but these often seem to be wrong for lace stitches and goodness knows, the written directions for the Ishbel shawl made me throw up my hands in despair and put that shawl promptly into a bag in the back of my closet for a cooling off period.

So here are the basics of chart reading that I've learnt this week that hopefully will save you from making the same mistakes as me!

If you're knitting on straight needles: 

Start reading the chart at the bottom right,  and read right to left (right side rows)
 The second row is then read left to right. (wrong side row)

 If you're working in the round on double pointed or circular needles: 

 Read and work all rows right to left

Now that you know, you're all set to try out a chart! Maybe a cute Batman chart (this is for a hat) catches your fancy?

Or maybe adding this adorable Goth skull to something fancy?

I'm currently working on a hat using the lace pattern mentioned in this hat pattern , although I've messed it up by not realizing knitting in the round was different until too late! I still think it looks good though:)

Also, while I'm here, without further ado, the  winner of the giveaway from The Treasure Chest, is comment #102, Angie Stevens! Congrats! You'll be hearing from myself and Maria soon to get these pretty earrings in the mail for you!

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. Bad Ass!! I cant knit but I love those!

    1. Learning to knit is fun, just so you know:) Plus then, you get to make totally bad ass stuff :P
      I seriously might need a Batman hat though!


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