Dec 19, 2011

Things I made and Saw: Crafting! And a Giveaway winner!

Now that I'm done exams, I've been trying to work on my Christmas crafting, as well as to tie up some loose ends and attend some fun Christmas events. Here are a few glimpses, that will likely continue over the next few days, since there's a lot of random crafty fun to share! I accomplished most of the things on my crafty to do list even, so feeling pretty accomplished! However I have so much left to do!

Tasty sugar cookies made (edited to add--I used a recipe similar to this one for the cookies and this one for the icing)


Lip glosses in peppermint, coffee-vanilla and orange made:


Penguin finished and sent off to his forever home:



More sugar cookies made for a potluck!


Zen made some s'more pie which was amazing! I think the addition of just some coconut to the base and something on top to tame the stickiness of the marshmallow, and it will be even more perfect! Perhaps there will be a recipe to follow, once it's perfected.


Fancy pot luck gift that I put together! It contains one of the coffee lip glosses, as well as some home-made chocolate spoons for stirring into the coffee. That was fun and easy, though I think I'll roll them in crushed up candy canes next time.




Additionally, I chose a winner for my Sew Mama sew give away! The winner is Robyn! Feel free to check out her blog and congratulate her! I'll be emailing you later today Robyn!

Thanks to everyone for entering, and welcome to all my new followers! I'm excited that there's 70 of you lovely folks now!

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. ah, i cannot resist cookies. i just love them. i literally want to eat those cookies right now. it looks too good. i like how you put together your gift too. very creative.

    Come and enter!
    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  2. @Carrie I know, I'm totally a cookie addict too! And thanks, I tried to make the gift look a bit fancy:)

  3. Wow these sugar cookies look amazing!



  4. @Magical Day Dream They were in fact, super fabulous, if I may say so myself! I could NOT stop eating them!


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