Nov 13, 2011

Things I made and Saw: Baking Night!

The highlight of my usual week of crazy was hanging out with my lovely friend Jessica last night for a baking fun-stravaganza! We had lofty ideas, which included caramel apples, these sweet rolls, apple crisp, chocolate bacon and butter tarts. Clearly, our desire for baked good outweighed the time we actually had to bake things, but here's what we did get done!

Caramel apples would have happened, but I forgot that the way Zen makes them requires some whipping cream. We did go on an epic adventure to try to find it at a convenience store, and to bring the dog out after he got too excited and peed all over the (recently dry-cleaned) rug.We failed,  but we saw this awesome car/dog:
Photo by Jessica, @atthisvolume

At any rate, here's what we actually ended up making, butter tarts and chocolate bacon!

For the butter tarts, we used this recipe for the filling, and Zen just made pastry how he usually does, which doesn't really have a written down recipe at the moment. 



For the chocolate covered bacon, I looked at this recipe, but I basically just fried the bacon until crispy, then melted some chocolate chips in a metal bowl suspended over a pot of boiling water. I then cut the bacon up into smaller pieces and brushed/used a knife to spread the melted chocolate onto the bacon. I reserved a strip or two of bacon and cut it up finely to be the topping, and then refrigerated it for about half an hour.


I had trouble getting a good picture of this, but trust me, it was tasty! Next time we'll use better quality chocolate though, since it did turn out *very* sweet.


I took a few silly pictures of myself eating the tasty things today--you're welcome.


Some of them came out like I was standing in front of a wind machine for some reason.


Also, Jesse got a haircut lately and is looking pretty darn adorable right now, don't you think?


Have you cooked or baked anything tasty lately or ever had a baking party with friends? I'd love to see pictures or hear stories about what you made !

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. The first picture of the dog in the car hand me laughing so hard!

  2. @Amber I know, right? So you can imagine the hilarity in person. We were taking photos and dying of laughter, while hoping a giant crabby dude didn't own the car :P We were also wondering where to get a chauffeur cap on immediate notice :P


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