Oct 30, 2011

Things I Made and Saw: Halloween Costumes and Antics

I spent most of my day yesterday dressed in costume --for work, I recycled the Princess Leia costume and boy, was that a mistake! I got stuck on cash, since the Michael's grand opening was insane, with an 80 person lineup for most of the day, and boy, was I hot by the end of the day wearing that wig! There should be cooling fans or something under those things to stop you from melting.

After work I went out for some Halloween antics with friends last night, wearing, my fancy owl costume that I whipped up the other day. My costume was inspired by this tutorial -- and apparently Liesi and I had the exact same idea for a costume! (her costume tutorial and her wearing her costume) Great minds think alike, apparently!



Drag was also the theme of the night, at least for  Bang and Dan! Aren't they lovely?


Also that vest and necklace are attached to Bang's dress. That makes it classier, right?


Dan is probably saying something about how his dress is pretty. I like how it looks like he's holding a shopping bag (although it's actually just sitting on the table) Notice how his dress is serious business!


In case you couldn't tell, Lisa is Jem /Director of Minion Management / changes the more drinks she has :P



Bang and his long suffering wife, Lindsay! (Who has a super cute shop on Etsy by the way!)
Stacy is the most adorable bear of them all!

Photobomb! I feel I maybe should have cropped this photo so that children aren't scarred for life if viewing this photo. Ladylike manners while wearing dresses were somewhat lacking!


Flavour Flav! Yes, this is just Zen's usual attire with the addition of a clock. Drunk people on the way home asked if he was Father Time, which I found amusing.


Pirates! Yaaaaar! I think Adam or Dawn maybe also needed a parrot friend. Or a cutlass.


The only not so great photo of me in my costume with Lisa


It was very foggy and horror movie like on the walk home


I also got in a bit of thrifting today! YAY! I got a fancy cookie tin, lady bug bank to add to my cute animal banks collection, and some lovely fabrics!


Hope you all had a great weekend! Have you dressed up for Halloween yet? I'd love to see your costumes!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. How is it that I follow you on Twitter but don't come visit your blog?? That is changing right now!

    It looks like you have totally awesome friends! What a great party :D

  2. @TriGirl I don't know! I'm fun, seriously! I do pay visits to yours when I have the time--I love all your drawings:) So amusing!

    And yeah, these cats are pretty crazy fun!

  3. Loving your mask!! I showed my boyfriend your costume and he said "wow, you guys look like two peas in a pod." haha

  4. @toocrewel I bought the mask sadly, since I ran out of time, but I think it was pretty neat too! Although I was sort of allergic to it :P I enjoyed your felt one, was so cute!

    And yeah, totally Two peas in a pod like! Though I did also want my costume to include a Graduation hat (couldn't find mine in time!)

  5. That looks like such a fun party :) Thanks for linking up to Scatter Girls!


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