Oct 26, 2011

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

Did any of you ever read this book when you were a kid? I always think of it whenever I'm having the worst day ever and nothing is going right for me.

Today and this week has been one of those days so far--I've been having issues getting my student loans released, lots of work for school, I lost my glasses, I haven't been getting enough sleep and fights have been happening a lot with everyone around me.  I'm just having a coffee right now, waiting for a bus to take me back to Guelph and then to work, and counting the hours until I can go home, hug my puppy and hide under the covers for awhile, as well as do my favourite stress busting things:

1) Bath - nothing like a hot soak in some bubbles with a book to set things to rights

Source: google.com via Jay on Pinterest

2) Tea and cookies and lots of both!

3) Puppy Cuddles


How do you recover from terrible, horrible no good very bad days? I'd love some feedback!

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  1. i typically glue my ass to the couch and play on my computer which helps me zone out of the real world for a while. also, beer ;)

  2. My hubby thinks I'm off my rocker, but I play depressing music and sing my heart out on bad days. I even have a playlist on itunes. I hope your day gets better!

  3. So sorry you're having such a stinky day!

    When I have a rough day, one of my favorite things is to get lost in a pile of yarn. Or watch a favorite show. And a nice relaxing bubble bath while playing relaxing songs is definitely up there on my list.

    Hope you can get to relax soon, sweetie! *hug*

  4. @Alycia True, this is usually another typical way I deal too! Can't beat looking at funny things on the interwebs!

  5. @Earl-Leigh I do do that on occasion too, though I don't think I have a playlist anymore! My sad singing makes the dog a bit upset though :P

  6. @apockylypse Thanks lady! yeah I ended up going the TV show and tea route! Surprisingly going to work was helpful --lots of mindless shelf stocking was surprisingly grounding!

  7. These images are really good. Its quite interesting post which i was looking from very long time.

  8. @Rant about your bad day

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post-it was a good way for me to vent and TRY to be positive. The first 3 images are internet ones/ from Pinterest, but the last one is mine, since it's my puppy Jesse:)


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