Oct 14, 2011

Friday Fancies

There are tons more vintage photos here...some are a bit odd! (I spot Adam West!)

Reversible totes are always handy!

Nature into office supplies? Yes please!

Nerds everywhere, this is hilarious

The English major in me laughs at this. A lot.

I always love things with maps and welcomes!

Fabric ones are almost as awesome as the real thing

Something about kittehs plus yarn I love

The shots of all the crafts created for Parks and Rec tonight are great!

I'd really like to try making this one day!

These are a fun take on the usual decal

This post makes me want to embroider all the things!

Science plus cute things = I've been laughing at this for days now

Last but not least, the best tumblr ever

♥ Craftzilla


  1. OMG! The bra is hilarious! The geek in me secretly wants to buy it so bad. LOL!

  2. @Pocky I know, right? The others in the shop are also hilarious, including donut bra :P


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