Oct 26, 2011

Farewell Mr Sniffles 2003-2011

We just got the news that Zen's bunny Mr Sniffles, passed away :( Mr Sniffles went to live with one of the ladies who is a Brownie leader with me when he moved in with me last year, since dogs plus bunnies don't mix well in a small apartment, and they keep tons of bunnies and even have a bunny run!

Here are some pictures that she sent me of Mr. Sniffles when he first went to live with them, exploring his new habitat.

MrSniffles 015

MrSniffles 012

Mr Sniffles had a bit of a hard life--he and his lady bunny, Bunnamaroo, were abandonned in a room at Zen's old house by some terrible tenants, and he luckily found them and cared for them. Mr Sniffles had at least one litter of baby buns with his lady love, and they were very happy until she passed away due to crazy roommates of Zen's letting a dog into their room.

FT York 193

MrSniffles 003

MrSniffles 007

FT York 155

FT York 153

FT York 144

Farewell sweet bunny friend,  you will be missed! I'm glad that your last year was full of fun outside with other bunny friends!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. It's so hard for me to understand dogs being such a danger to bunnies. When I first got Skylar, I had a guinea pig [which is almost like a bunny]. She loves guinea pigs, kisses them, snuggles them...& has even been know to let baby ones 'nurse' on her [when she's been fixed].

    I never had to really supervise her around them. They could roam on the floor while she was out & I knew they would be safe + freshly bathed.

  2. @apockylypse That is so adorable! Skylar sounds like such a cutie! I think a lot of that might have to do with growing up together and both being chilled...Zen's bunny was fairly traumatized from being abandoned and his mate dying...and Jesse's first instinct is to bark at small moving things and try to play/growl at them. There was also a consideration of us both being allergic --it was fine at his other house, b/c there was a separate room for the bunny, but that would have been a problem here as well, since it's a 1 bedroom apartment. And really, the people who took him have two awesome kids (one from my Brownie group) who love bunnies so much and had more time to devote! It was the perfect fit:)


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