Oct 19, 2011

Dresser Makeover Ideas

I have this dresser in my studio, and I've been thinking that it needs a bit of an update--let's face it, it's a little bit boring and was probably last painted about 50 years ago (so likely oil paint too, boo)


I've found a few ideas so far of what I could do to jazz this dresser up on Pinterest.

I love the use of fabric on the drawer fronts, but it might be a little tricky on this one, given that the handles can't be taken off.

Maps though--I am a sucker for these, and I actually have a few old ones lying around I think!

I enjoy the stencilling, but let's face it --I'm so not sanding this dresser down to the wood. But perhaps if the stencilling would look okay over paint...hmm, something to think about.

I love the alphabet but possibly not so practical to actually do

Mostly, I think paint is probably my friend

Source: etsy.com via Gillian on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Gillian on Pinterest

Chalkboard paint is mighty tempting --I really haven't painted anything with it, and I've been sort of dying to jump on the bandwagon!

Also some pretty paper drawer lining is in order

Perhaps even some new hardware, especially since a Lee Valley opened up in Waterloo. Am I the only one who drools over the Lee Valley hardware catalogue? Probably.

I'm also digging the writing on the drawer fronts--pretty fun!

Which idea do you like the best? Do you have any other ideas you'd like to share with me to spiffy up my dresser? I'd appreciate any and all!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. my favorite is the fabric covered front or the one with writing! let us know what you decide and share pictures!

  2. Ooh I love these! Especially the map one. I like how some of them look like paint swatches. And the letterpress drawers, uh-mazing!!

  3. @Manda Jane I'll definitely keep you guys posted! Thanks for your input --will narrow down my choices!

  4. @Mel That's exactly what I liked about some of the painted ones - apparently I love how paint swatches look too:) And I know right--stencil-y letterpress-y anything, bring it on please!

  5. Kept scrolling...and scrolling, thinkin' I would find a favorite! Didn't happen. I like them all! Can't wait to see yours.

  6. @Chandra I know! the hard part is always choosing what to do (and having the time to do it!)


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