Oct 22, 2011

7 Day Push - Read a Book - Kobos and Book Clubs, oh my!

I used to read  A LOT. The fact that I read all the time as a kid and into highschool meant that choosing to do an English degree when I was first at university an easy thing. Read lots of books and get to critically discuss them with others? Yes please! But since getting out of university, I've found it harder to actually sit down with a book for some reason. I'm not sure when my greatest pasttime became something I had to schedule in, but between everything else going on, and moving to a smaller city where I no longer spent hours a day commuting, I just haven't read as much as I used to, and I was really missing it. Not to mention I was (am still am) really trying to work my way through reading a lot of books that I have in my home library that I've never read and not always succeeding without a goal in mind.  That was part of why I made my goal to read more books as a part of my 30 before 30 list (# )

What's changed lately has been that I rented a few of my textbooks from an online site, for WAY less than buying the hardcopies and decided that in order to read them (and because I'd saved so much money) that I'd TREAT MA SELF (reference - please watch the hilarity of this scene from Parks and Rec)and buy a touchscreen Kobo!

Yup, I'm in love! I'm reading until late at night again, and have read 5 or 6 books since getting it, as well as got an awesome deal on the new Jeffrey Eugenides book, the Marriage Plot. I'm even doing a fun bookclub on Goodreads with Liesi from Too Crewel, because I'm just that excited about reading again. The touch screen is awesome and responsive, it's easy to save your place and mark up the text if you want, and there are tongs of free classics and other books available on the Kobo site. Finally I've been making a bit of progress working my way through the BBC Big Reads list  and I'm feeling much happier for it! Books I'm currently reading include "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" and soon the Marriage Plot, once I find the darn cable for my Kobo to sync it  (downside, everything uses cables which are easily lost in my apartment) I am in fact a little bit sad that another awesome new Kobo, the Kobo Vox ereader is already coming out -colour, touch screen and apps, oh my!  This sounds awesome already.

But I'm just going to settle for the awesome Kobo I already have and go and read some more books.

Do you use an ereader or do you prefer reading a real book?

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Note: This is not a sponsored post, I just love and use this product, a lot!


  1. I love reading actual books, but there are some books that I desperately need an ereader for...if I can ever get an ereader.

    I've tried reading some novels that mention knitting, but always put them down to actually knit. If I had an ereader, I could finally do both!

  2. @apockylypse yeah I want to get on sticking some PDF knitting patterns on there and seeing how readable they are! much easier than printing out for me!

  3. i don't have an ereader, though i think it would be nice, especially for my morning ride on the subway. when i read at night though, i think i would prefer books. having 1000 books in my purse would be amazing!

  4. @mel
    Yeah if I'd had this when I rode the subway for hours every day, I would have been so happy! Especially for the idea of 1000s of books in my purse!


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