Sep 3, 2011

Knitting Pub Crawl

Myself and some of the ladies from the Thursday night knitting meetup at our LYS All Strung Out, decided that a great way to end out the summer would be to have a fun knitting pub crawl around town, and all knit the same thing. We decided to make a fun cabled beer cozy (pattern here). Here are some photos of our antics and cozies in progress!


Here's some pics from our first stop, at the Pennywhistle Pub.

Sharmie distributes patterns so we can all get started!


Yup, we brought a baby to the pub crawl! This is Violet (held by Grace) whose Momma Angie (from Artsy You, one of my lovely swappers for this month) is off enjoying knitting on the other side of the table while the baby is passed around the table






Jennifer threatens me with fisticuffs if I finish my beer cozy before her



We leave for our next stop, and are cheered off by a soccer team that includes the president of my company and my manager at work:) Apparently our knitting and antics were amusing to them.

The journey to our next stop! Myself, Beth and Sharmie stopped for a quick photo


And run to catch up



Arrived at the next stop, The Albion! It is darker in here and smells like bacon


Pretty drinks are ordered:


The pace of the knitting picks up





I think the pub crawl continued a bit longer, but I was tired and went home. Almost done my beer cozy see?


What a fun night! Have you ever done a knitting pub crawl before? If not, I highly recommend it! We're planning another for October, that's not on a Thursday night so we can all stay up later:)

♥ Craftzilla


  1. This looks like so much fun! I may have to try this out in my neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. @The Prairie Hen You're welcome! I hope you do--it was lots of fun:)

  3. Looks & sounds like a super fun night! I really need to get back into a knitting club like that, because it's just not as much fun when it's always solo. I'm not a beer drinker (not found any that I can stand more than a sip of, if that!) I guess I would have to make some other project.

    What yarn is your cozy made out of? It's pretty!

  4. @apockylypse If you notice, my cozy is on a bottle of Perrier, lol!

    Yes to knitting clubs for sure!

    I think the yarn is just a basic Bernat yarn, that just claims feltability on the label *so contains some wool, but also part acrylic I think)

  5. I would love love love to join you guys. Angie is an old friend of mine, and while I'd love to up the baby ratio, my 2 year old probably wouldn't behave quite as well as Violet :) If you end up doing this on a Monday or Tuesday, get in touch! @subsomatic

  6. @subsomatic Yeah I bet Violet wouldn't do so well now either that she's a bit bigger too!

    I'll definitely keep you posted as to when we do one again, but I think the day we had been talking might have been a Friday. But no set plans as of yet!

    And small Guelph world of course, everyone knowing everyone :)


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