Sep 13, 2011

Guest Post on Campfire Chic's Blog Party --DIY: Treasure Stones

Wanna find out how to make these awesome DIY treasure stones (with hidden treasures inside?) as well as check out ANOTHER awesome blog party?


Well, head on over to Kam's blog Campfire Chic today to see my post, as well as a host of others in an "Around the Campfire" Blog Party!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Is it a true stone? Or you just made it? It looks so real which makes me wonder on how you put the treasure inside of it (if there really is).

  2. @plumbing I know, they really look real right? If you click over to the guest post, you can see the recipe--it's basically flour and coffee grounds and a few other things! So you mold the 'stone" around your treasure! Sort of a paper mache idea:)


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