Sep 12, 2011

Guest Post - Back to School Clothes: Kelly from Embrace the Apocklypse

Kelly is the first of my awesome guest posters! I hope you enjoy this fun post on back to school style! Goodness knows, I always need some help in the style department--I can barely remember to brush my hair most days!

Well hello there!

I'm Pocky from embrace the apockylypse! I absolutely adore Gillian (isn't she super duper awesome?!?!?) and I am so excited/honored to be asked to guest for her today! Before I get on with the post, I just want to wish Gillian and all of you other students a very wonderful start to your semesters. After being in the real world for a few years, I actually miss being a student...that's something I never thought I'd ever say!

What's one of the first things you think about when it comes to going back to school?

Now I'm not a shopaholic (unless it comes to craft supplies) or a fashionista, but one of the first things I think of is new clothes.

Most of my life, I never dressed like most the kids I went to school with. I didn't go for all those name brands for two reasons: I was a skinny mini that couldn't fit in some of the styles and we couldn't always afford a new wardrobe of what was "in" at the time. With a mom who is the most amazing seamstress I know, that never really bugged me.

Thinking about school clothes, there is one specific outfit that always pops right up. To this day, I still haven't forgotten about it...and this was when I was just a wee one in preschool. I had on the most amazing pair of red silk overalls that my mom made just for me. No one else had a pair! They were my favorite piece of clothing because they made me feel special & unique. Even to this day I remember telling every classmate, "These are MY red silk overalls that my mommy made just for ME!".

...maybe if I had a new pair every year I wouldn't have felt so awkward in high school...

Red silk overalls aren't my thing now, but I might just have to search through piles of material & see if my mom can work a little magic like she did back then. I would go around wearing my beautiful wedding dress she made me, but I might be a little overdressed for my day-to-day activities.

What would be some of your "red silk overalls" this year?

I can't wait to get my sewing machine set back up so I can maybe make some of these pieces:



  1. Hehehe, I bet you were cute as a button in your little red overalls! I'm sure she would make you a pair if you asked her! ;) And that's so cool she made your wedding dress too! You should do a wedding post on your blog one day- I want to see it! :)

  2. @HazelandMare I agree! I would like to see that post too!


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