Sep 22, 2011

Curbside Finds - Rug Samples

I just wanted to share with you guys these awesome rug samples that I found while out on a walk the other day. They'd just been put out, and were in front of a fairly high end decorating store, so I decided to snap them up!


I love all the different colours, and I'm trying to figure out the awesomest thing that I can make out of them--all in all there's about 15 or 20 samples.


My first thoughts are something along the lines of making a bigger rug that's the shape of a flower, with two of the samples being the inside of the flower, and the rest forming the petals, but I'm not sure yet and have to play around a bit with them. Other thoughts include bags, using them as tiny rugs, or sewing two together to make doggie mats or something like that.

Anyone have any ideas that spring to mind? I'd love to hear them!

♥ Craftzilla

Ps. I know I'm a bit behind, but I'll announce some giveaway winners tomorrow, so keep an eye out!


  1. Aw I love the idea of a big flower rug with all different petals- make sure u show us whatever u do make! xx

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  2. They can make nice coasters. How big are they?

  3. @TheOtherSideofCool I definitely will! Gotta think about it a bit still but thinking I like the rug idea:)

  4. @Itin They're actually fairly big--about 2 feet by 2 1/2 feet and really quite thick! I actually don't think I could cut through it, it's so thick--and I'd be a bit worried it would fall apart, because of how the rug is woven.


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