Aug 12, 2011

Friday Fancies


This collection is so adorable!
A new project is up at Craft Hope--it's a good one, as always

I enjoy this tutorial --wonder if I have time to make one...

This list is really getting me to think about what's important...I think there will be more thoughts on this later.

If there was one of these at the office, I'd NEVER leave (think about this as a work strategy, CEOs )

I am loving these engagement photos

This is all about super dedication --how do you sit down in this thing?

I can never get enough of cute things like these!

Alrighty, links shared, now off to enjoy a summer day off, and hopefully be super productive as well!

Have a great day everyone!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Thanks for linking to my photos! You're such a sweetie pie! I'm glad you like them, hehe :)

  2. @HazelandMare

    Aww thanks lady! Well the photos and you are so adorable, how could I not? :P

  3. I feel so honored being linked up- thank you!

  4. @toocrewel

    Awe, you are sweet! Glad you feel honoured and glad I could help with that :P


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