Jul 16, 2011

Day 9: Make a list of creative people you are grateful for today.

I'm having a lot of trouble writing this post for some reason, be it that it's just too hot or that I've been having sort of a stressful week, but I've put it off for a few days already, so it's definetly time to just get something written down.  So I figured that I've met a lot of awesome people through Twitter and in various chats about blogging/ searches around the intenets for adorable crafty things and blogs, and I'm inspired by these ladies every time I read their blogs for their crafting skills, sense of humour, fashion sense or knowledge of blogging and starting up a small business.

So please feel free to peruse some of the awesomeness that the internet has to offer.

punk rawk purl


House of Humble

♥ Craftzilla


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