Jul 6, 2011

Day 3: What words or phrases do you find inspiring and why?

I've always kept books of quotes written in and pasted in from old school planners or printed out from websites. When I find myself in need of advice or a thought to think on, I often find myself browsing to one of those quote sites and searching for a quote that fits my current mood. So there are lots of quotes that I've found inspiring at certain times in my life, certain people whose quotes I turn to particularly when I'm in a certain mood, or passages in my pasted book of quotes I like to flip back to occasionally. But since this is an exercise on creativity and really for me, and finding some happiness and balance in my life, I figured I'd share a few of the quotes I found on Pinterest which are either quotes I've liked for a long time, or new ones I've found lately regarding creativity, happiness and balance, which speak to me largely because I'm really trying to grow in these areas and put aside obstacles that have been holding me back.

Source: None via Gillian on Pinterest

Source: None via Gillian on Pinterest

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