Apr 4, 2011

Sugar Snaps and Strawberries Contest Winner=Me!

I just got exciting news, I won a giveaway from Timber Press!

Here's what I won:

Check out the Timber Press site as well as the sites for Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, Garden Fever and the Sugar Snaps and Strawberries book.

We are now super excited about having an indoor container garden and growing a few herbs and such this summer! I think we may even try to grow onions indoors using this Growing onions in Container gardens since there are really wide windowsills in my current apartment that get a ridiculous amount of light (and heat) in the summer.

Perhaps this will make not moving to a bigger apartment/house for awhile a little bit easier....because I know I'm getting itchy feet already and wanting to either move or paint and decorate more and make the apartment more comfortable. Having more plants and such seems like a good possible compromise for now.


  1. Congrats!

    I planted beans, parsley and dill in little pots yesterday. My first time ever, so hopefully they sprout!

  2. Thanks lady! Ooh that sounds promising! All I have on the go at the moment is a dying basil plant. Hoping to get some seeds started up soonish, as I have some herb seeds at home that didn't get much past sprouts last year (mostly because I forgot to water them and they baked in the heat, haha)

    I'm hoping for better luck this year :)


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