Feb 27, 2010

Musings on a snowy evening

Many changes have happened lately to my own little corner of the world.....I've moved to a new city, to a new apartment and taken a new job, all in the hopes of getting a bit more peace and happiness in my days than I'd had previously. Living in the big city was getting to me, the time I had to myself was little, and it seemed like everything important was getting put on hold for mundane concerns of working overtime or dealing with the TTC, or having to interact constantly with people who just set my teeth on edge. I knew that moving wouldn't necessarily solve all of these problems, but that it would solve quite a few of them. I'm living in my own apartment now, which is nice, though I find it a bit lonely sometimes. My new job is basically the same as the old one, but only with 1 project, well-structured days and currently little responsibility as the new girl. It's also around the corner from the new apartment, so travel also hasn't been much of a part of my life lately, which has been a welcome change.

But yet.....it's hard to break out of old patterns and actually get things done that I want to, even with all the changes and more time and freedom I have. I'm struggling a bit to change all of those things that made and continue to make me unhappy, foremost being to actually consciously make time to be creative and actually make crafts on a consistent (even daily) basis. It's helped having a little sewing area set up though, as I got a sewing table before I moved, which fits nicely near the windows of my room. I still have to really organize the craft stuff so it's not just piled in heaps though, so hopefully that will happen soon.

But some things have been done...........lately I've made myself curtains for my living room and bedroom, with plans for some more for the kitchen (out of pretty toile sheer fabric I've been saving to make curtains from for years). I also made a few cute drawstring bags to hold toiletries in the bathroom, and also picked up a few other projects I'd started (tea cozies mostly, so far) and have finished off a few of them. Also making good progress on some knitting projects, as I'm going to a weekly knitting night at a knitting store in town, which has been awesome to meet people, as well as very motivating to get those works in progress done! So far I've made myself a hat and am almost done a shawl that I've been working on for years.

Also been minorly obsessed with making cards, especially as I'm making about 50 cards to use for invites for the bridal shower I'm planning for my sister. However next time if I decide to sew two parts of cards together, I think I'll use the machine, as I was cursing my sister my the end of the 50th card. And I still have to write in all of them and mail them off. Considering printing up the inside text so my hand doesn't fall clean off.

Pictures of all to come soon, now that I've located the batteries for my camera :)


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